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DECAL exists to mobilise crowdsourced research and development by leading artists, using blockchain and web 3.0 technologies for fairer, more dynamic and connected cultural ecologies and economies now.

Over 3 years DECAL will host a series of experimental projects, creating transnational cooperative infrastructures, decentralised artforms and practices, improved systems literacy across the arts and technology spaces.
2019 DECAL projects

The lab kicks off with 3 ground breaking projects
■ An artist led research project on value creation for collecting 21st Century art forms

■ CultureStake is a prototype for a cultural community stakeholder token for equitable opt-in. With oscoin, the decentralised network to allow a fair economy for world's open source software. This is an insight, governance , solidarity-building and data-commons project for transnational cultural communities.

■ DAOWO World Tour of the blockchain laboratory and debate series for reinventing the arts - with Ruth Catlow, and Ben Vickers, Serpentine Galleries with Goethe-Institut London.
Why does the world need DECAL?

There is an awkward relationship between the felt value of the arts to the majority and the financial value of arts to a minority. The arts garner great wealth, while it is harder than ever to sustain arts practice in even the world's richest cities. 10 years ago, blockchain technologies blew apart the idea of money and value as resources to be determined from the centre. This came with a promise, yet to be realised, to empower self-organised collectives of people through more distributed forms of governance and infrastructure.

Working with leading visionary artists and thinkers, DECAL opens up new channels between artworld stakeholders, blockchain and web3.0 businesses. DECAL creates a fertile context to grow and test new systems that support imaginative collaboration around the most urgent questions of our time; working across local and international cultural communities and venues; enabling more diverse people to access the benefits of decentralised technologies - networks, data/protocols, applications and governance - through interfaces and experiences that add value to their lives.

DECAL initiatives respond to the following opportunities for arts & blockchains
■ Experimental funding models - exploring new incentives for fractional and progressive ownership through secure storage, transfer, and provenance of digital assets.

■ Autonomous & collective production of art and livelihoods through tokenised artworks

■ Lowering the cost for transnational cooperation- building Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)

■ Envision unanticipated futures - creating new narratives and scenarios for how decentralised technologies may change the we act together in the world

■ Reimagine and reconnect the economic and social value of the arts

■ Open up black box technologies - to diversify engagement
How is Furtherfield positioned for DECAL?

■ 2018 - DAOWO The blockchain laboratory and debate series for reinventing the arts devised and led by Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield and Ben Vickers, Serpentine with Goethe-Institut London.

■ 2018 - Ethereal Summit, Ruth Catlow, judge and co-curator for the 2018 art commissions

■ 2017 - Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain, published by Furtherfield and Torque editions, distributed by Liverpool University Press.

■ 2017 - The NEW WORLD ORDER European exhibition tour as part of the State Machines programme featuring Plantoids by O'khaos and Terra0.

■ 2016 - The Blockchain - Change Everything Forever a short film that asked what a blockchain could do, and who creates the new society?

■ 2016 - Blockchain's Potential in the Arts symposium for arts and culture researchers and policy makers, led by Ruth Catlow and Ben Vickers at Austrian Cultural Forum.

■ 2015 - The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies, exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery, featuring FaceCoin by Rob Myers, and Building the Activist Bloomberg Terminal by Brett Scott.

■ 2015 - Art Data Money programme of exhibitions, labs and debates develop a commons for the arts in the network age.